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Migspray: Your Natural Ally
Against Migraines and Headaches

Discovery of Migspray, an innovative preventive treatment for migraines and headaches. In the form of a nasal spray, it uses natural active ingredients to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Designed to complement other conventional treatments, it offers a holistic approach to migraine and headache management.

Migspray is a preventive treatment based on natural polymers derived from plants. These polymers have the ability to bind and block specific molecules involved in triggering migraine attacks, including CGRP, TNF-α, and interleukins 6 and 12. <?p>

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Protected by 3 patents, Migspray is nature and science passionately brought together with the idea of giving a new lease of life.

Composition for topical application comprising glycerol and tannins (2000-2005)
Filmogen Glycerol
Long lasting cleaning filmogen bandage (2013)
Dual Acting Polymers
Additional biding properties, treat inflammatory diseases & cytokine release syndrome (2020)

Reducing Frequency And Impact

Reducing Intensity And Duration

The Revolutionary Treatment For Migraine And Headache.

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Created after 5 years of intensive research, MIGSPRAY is a preventive treatment that uses natural polymers for their ability to block the proteins CGRP, TNF-alpha, interleukins 6 and 12) in your system that trigger migraines. To help you understand better – The CGRP and other inflammatory proteins that trigger migraines and headaches will be detached and drained from the nasal surface by osmotic action of MIGSPRAY. MIGSPRAY helps you to breathe easy and take control over your life back again!